Packaged System Divisions

The Packaged System Division

The Packaged System Division (PSD) of Oliver Equipment was created to supply and support our customers with the design, manufacturing, and project supervision of fully integrated pumping systems. From concept and design, through production, quality control, delivery, installation and service, OEC's Packaged Systems Division provides complete systems integration while remaining a single-source for our customer's chemical injection requirements.

Capabilites include:

Specification Review

Detailed Proposals

Engineering Design

- Pump & Motor Selection

- Instrumentation

- Electrical

- Control Systems

- Advanced CAD Technology

- Structural Calculations


- Methanol & Glycol

- Corrosion Inhibitor

- Biocides

- Scale Inhibitor

- Paraffin Inhibitor

- Oxygen Scavenger

- Hypochlorite

- Pour Point Depressants

- Demulsifiers

- Water Treatment Chemicals

Project Management

- Communication

- Project Scheduling

- Procurement

- Project Review & Recommendations

- Drawing & Data Submittals

After Market Support

- IOM Manuals

- Export Crating

- World Wide Support

  • Spare Parts

  • Repairs

  • Technical Assistance


- Fabrication

  • Structural Steel

  • Tanks/Pressure Vessels

  • Piping Systems

- Machining

- Assembly

- Coating



Quality Assurance

- Welding Procedures

  & Qualifications

- Witnessed Inspection

  & Testing

- Material Documentation


- Oil & Gas

  • Offshore

  • Wellhead

  • Pipeline

- Chemical Refinery

  • Boiler Feedwater

  • Cooling Tower

  • Process

- Power Production

  • Boiler Feedwater

  • Cooling Tower

- Waste Water Treatment

Custom Packaged Systems:

NOX Reduction-Ammonia Injection System

page-package-pic1consisting of three Milton Roy MilRoyal-B pumps with associated 3000# socket-weld, carbon-steel piping, valves and instruments. Mounted on open frame, hot-dipped galvanized skid base.

Boiler Water Treatment Injection System

packaged-system-2Boiler Water Treatment Injection System consisting three services, utilizing eight Milton Roy Mroy pumps, three 550 gallon 304SS IBC totes and associated 3000# socket-weld, stainless steel piping, valves and instruments. Mounted on drip rim type skid base.