Updates: Oliver Equipment Company is now a proud distributor for Vaughan Pumps, NETZSCH Pumps, and Milton Roy Mixers.

Coppus Portable Ventilators

coppusIn refineries, steel mills, power plants, military bases, construction sites, chemical plants, shipyards, paper plants, smelters, utilities, aboard ships, and in manufacturing plants throughout the world - Coppus portables have proven their ability to increase productivity, reduce maintenance costs and help create safe, healthy environments for workers. Coppus ventilators are small, compact, lightweight, high volume portables that are easily moved. Drive choices include electric, compressed air, steam, water, or hydraulic fluid. Coppus also provides all required accessories such as flexible duct, duct storage canisters, inlet and outlet adapters, fume hoods, bonding cables, transport carts, and tripods.